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Since 2006 Perun Business Group has delivered over 100 successful technical projects to government and commercial clients in the United States. Below are four examples of Perun’s capabilities.

Analytics and Geospatial Reporting

CPD Maps – An interactive web-based geospatial analytical tool providing easy access to large amounts of place-based data. Users can search, query, and display data by census tract and over 70 different mapping layers including economic development metrics, transit and railroad tracks, demographic data, flood plains, etc.

Duration: 36 months (2010 - 2013)

Users: Unlimited. Public.

Perun Staff: 3 FTEs

Role: Lead technical design and delivery. Provided development staff with GIS expertise.

Cross-Program Funding Matrix and Dashboard

Enables Principal Staff, elected officials and general public quick and accurate access to financial and performance data across HUD programs. Generated time savings of over 38,000 man-hours. Developed a functional prototype merging dashboard data with geospatial visualization specifically tailored for rendering on mobile devices.

Duration: 24 months (2011-2013)

Users: HQ, Field Office, and Principal Staff. Approx. 700 users

Perun Staff: 5 FTEs

Role: Overall vision and execution. Data consolidation and integration. Technical implementation.

Decision Support Systems

Integrated Disbursement and Information System – re-engineered a large-scale federal grants management system from a legacy mainframe technology into a web-based application. Supporting over 20,000 users and disbursing over $6 billion of funding per year. Created over 200 reports and dashboards and provided ongoing maintenance, support and enhancements.

Duration: 60+ months

Users: 20,000

Perun Staff: 10 FTEs

Role: Data management, OLAP data storage, data conversion and aggregation, identification of key performance indicators. Translating business requirements into technical solutions. Software and application development.

Data Science and Visualization

Developed interactive set of dashboards to provide near real-time performance and management oversight for a system overseeing the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Duration: 18 months

Users: 50

Perun Staff: 2 FTEs

Role: Technical architects and developers. Database and ETL developers. Provided support and troubleshooting.

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