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Our team of certified technical and business subject matter experts has delivered over 100 projects in the following verticals and clients.


  • HUD

  • DOT

  • CMS


  • UnitedHealth Group (Ingenix)

  • Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Baltimore Washington Medical Center

  • LMI

Retail and Logistics

  • Home Depot

  • Men’s Warehouse

  • Aeropostale

  • ROSS

Financial Services and Insurance

  • Citibank

  • American Express

  • Metlife

  • Geico

  • Freddie Mac


  • Ebay

  • Intel

  • Microsoft

“Professional, hardworking, reliable, knowledgeable and committed to excellence. I would strongly recommend using Ivo and Perun Business Group for any microstrategy business intelligence project."

 Director, MetLife, Inc.

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